5 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional Real Estate Photographer

Professional photography has taken on a lot of meanings these days. It’s more than just nice lighting or having an expensive camera. Even if it was taken with an upscale phone camera, and then edited later, it still doesn’t classify itself as professional photography. If you paid a photographer to take pictures of a property, it still would not necessarily be considered “professional.” So what gives? How do you know when the photos and the photographer are the real deal?

There are a lot of benefits to consider when hiring a professional real estate photographer. The results speak for themselves, since homes and property with professional photos sell faster, and for higher prices. Talk about a win-win. 

According to the National Association of Realtors, over 90% of home buyers use the internet to shop for their next home. When consumers are shopping, listings with higher quality photos will catch their eye. The photos become the most essential piece next to the listing itself. So, here are 5 reasons why you should hire a professional real estate photographer, and why it makes all the difference.


1. Staged Photos

When you hire a professional photographer, you’re hiring them for the ability to set the ideal visual home buying scenario. They will “dress it up” a little, making it look like the perfect model home. This is done through a good understanding of lighting, placement of decorations, furniture, and details. By arranging all of these elements, and getting the right angle on a room, it can evoke the correct emotional response from potential buyers.


2. Showcasing The House

Professional photographers know what looks good in a room, and how to show off the best rooms in the house. They understand the importance of emphasizing the best features of the house they’re in. This is important because photographing houses requires the photographer to understand usage of space in photos. Showing the customer how big, or how small a room may be is incredibly important. The kitchen or finished basement may be big selling features of a home. Hiring a professional that knows how to leverage those key points is crucial. 


3. Draw More Attention To The Listing

When potential home buyers are scrolling through lists of houses, great photography will always catch their eye first. Even if the house is a little above their price range, it’s a guaranteed show-stopper. People are visually compelled creatures, and photos are the perfect guiding tool. Think of your photos as your unofficial tour of the home with the client. 


4. Going In Before A Shoot

Preparing for a great photo shoot, is like preparing for a great dinner with hundreds of guests. A head chef needs to know what ingredients they’ll need for the meal, how long it will take, and what bumps they might run into along the way. The same thing goes for a professional photographer. Planning for shooting from specific angles, analyzing the sources of light in the house (natural and interior), and knowing what tools to bring for the shoot are very helpful. In the end, this saves time and money.


5. Edits and Production

Finally, a professional real estate photographer understands the importance of photo enhancement. This helps in situations where a camera would not fix the issue. Real Estate Signs, distracting elements, differences in lighting, and even editing the color of the sky can help your house look its best for a potential home buyer. The photographer can fix angles in photos, make sure that all photos look consistent, and ensure that the lighting (especially for HDR shoots) is on point. 


Hiring a professional means that you’ll receive high quality photos overall. They’ll be high resolution, showcase the best parts of the house and contain thoughtful and effective composition. The photographer will know the importance of timeliness, preparation, and delivery for your photos. All of this will help your potential home buyer fall in love with the listing even further. In the end, you’ll have a house that sells faster, is more visible, and draws in attention on any website.